We cooperate with nature

We are a family company. Origanum has over 30 years of experience and gardening passion. Obtained knowledge and extensive competences led to us becoming a leader among potted herbs manufacturers.


Local means better. Origanum is located in the heart of Kujawy, near Włocławek. Wonderful fertile soils provide excellent conditions for growing herbs. We have an impact on the local community, we support local initiatives, we employ many local people, we support local initiatives and contribute to local development.

Our team

Our team is a group of enthusiasts with passion for herbs and entrepreneurship. Everyone is important. Origanum brand comprises of management board, greenhouse workers and engineers looking after the herbs. Warehouse workers make sure that the products reach you quickly, as well as merchants responsible for Client relations. This efficiently working machine always ensures delivering fresh herbs into your home.



Our recipients include the biggest supermarket chains and wholesalers in Poland. We are open for further cooperation both in the country and abroad. Our structure is flexible, which constitutes perfect conditions for long-term and successful Client relations.


We ensure quality of our herbs every day and on each production stage. Our solutions are the most modern and sterile, including specialized, dedicated tables for herb crops. Seeds are carefully selected and our plants are always taken care of in each growth phase. At the end of the process, we ensure that every plant delivered to our Clients is good-looking, healthy and fresh.


Consumers are getting more and more conscious. We are looking for the least processed and healthy products. Mission of Origanum is to provide high-quality herbs positively affecting health. We would like to inspire you to use them in the kitchen. Fresh herbs have flavour and aroma which make even ordinary dishes taste amazing.

bez pestycydów


Naturally healthy. Our herbs are grown without pesticides, only on the basis of biological plant protection. That’s how we ensure health and safety of our consumers. It is confirmed by GlobalCap certificate. Only companies with good agricultural practices can be awarded with this certificate.


All herbs delivered to the Client are carefully observed and controlled in a detailed automatized process. When they are ready, we pack them and send them to the Client. We want to make sure that they reach you as soon as possible.


Wonderful, fresh herbs enhancing and strengthening flavour of every dish. Most importantly, the products don’t have any chemical additives! I stumbled upon those herbs in a shop close to the restaurant, where I work as a chef and I have been regularly serving those in dishes for our guests ever since. I can truly recommend.