Herb paintings

Do you remem­ber pri­ma­ry scho­ol task whe­re the teacher asked you to do your own her­ba­rium? Tho­se task skills will be use­ful in doing a fra­me which will chan­ge your inte­rior. Eve­ry once in a whi­le, most of us needs to chan­ge our house inte­rior. It’s often the case that such lit­tle thing as new clock, vase, can­dle or a pil­low makes a difference.
Satis­fac­tion is even big­ger if we make the deco­ra­tion our­se­lves. As a herb fan, I tho­ught that I can sug­gest you a method of doing your own her­bal paintings!
The­re is some­thing abo­ut them… on one hand, they are anti­que, becau­se they resem­ble old her­ba­riums and on the other hand they also fit into mini­ma­list, sim­ple inte­riors. Any­how, you can do it your­self, whi­le saving money and most of all, making such fra­me is a lot of fun.

1. Find a frame.

Cho­ice is basi­cal­ly unli­mi­ted, sin­ce nowa­days fra­mes are ava­ila­ble in tho­usands of sty­les. Eve­ry­one has the­ir own taste, so I can’t tell you which one to cho­ose, just pick the one you like the most. Howe­ver, it is worth thin­king which herb sho­uld be selec­ted, becau­se it sho­uld be cru­cial and the most pro­mi­nent. I’d like to recom­mend the fra­me which will not over­sha­dow beau­ty of a dried herb.

2. Pick your favo­uri­te herbs.

It all comes down to your pre­fe­ren­ces. In my opi­nion, the most beau­ti­ful herbs inc­lu­de: melis­sa, sage, ore­ga­no, rose­ma­ry or thy­me. The lat­ter sho­uld be easier to dry, becau­se they are woody herbs with har­der leaves and stems which pre­vents it from dama­ging. My advi­ce is to dry enti­re twigs. I think that it will be the most beau­ti­ful effect.

3. Dry the herbs.

The best way is to dry them betwe­en few pages of new­spa­per and we will lay down some heavy books on it. Dry­ing itself lasts aro­und 2–3 days, depen­ding on the type of herbs. The har­der ones have less water in them and the ones with more deli­ca­te leaves can be dried for a lit­tle longer.

4. Stick and pla­ce the herbs in a frame.

Your fra­me will pro­ba­bly have back­gro­und and usu­al­ly it is sim­ply a whi­te pie­ce of paper. Hone­stly, I’ll admit that I like such neu­tral back­gro­und the most, and you?
Even­tu­al­ly, we hang or pla­ce it in a selec­ted pla­ce. Now you can sit down on your couch and admi­re your work which you have done all by your­self! Well done!