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zioła liofizowane

Freeze-dried sprouts

Freeze-dried sprouts are made in a unique process which starts with growing fresh, top-quality sprouts. Then, it is freeze-dried, which is freezing and drying the product with lowered pressure. This process enables for the sprouts to retain essential nutrients and minerals as well as extend their shelf life.

Final product is full of vitamins and minerals, which is a perfect addition to salads, soups, meat dishes and quarks. Freeze-dried sprouts, with their rich flavour, blend well with fruits and salads. They can also be blended into healthy cocktails or smoothies. Freeze-dried sprouts require no initial processing - they are ready to go

Our offer includes:

  • Mung bean sprouts

  • Stir Fry sprouts (a unique combination of lentil sprouts,Mung beans, chickpeas)

  • sunflower sprouts

  • radish sprouts

  • kale sprouts

  • broccoli sprouts

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Long shelf life

Freeze-dried sprouts can be stored for a long time. Since they contain no water, no germs will form in them.

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High nutritional value

Freeze-drying allows the product to retain its nutritional value and vitamins. Sprouts undergo this process when their nutrients and minerals are at their peak.

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Ready to eat

Freeze-dried sprouts require no initial processing due to their preparation method - they can be eaten straight out of the bag. You don’t even have to add water.

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100% natural and safe

Sprouts meant for freeze-drying are grown from safe, carefully tested seeds, free from artificial fertilizers and chemical supplements.