zioła liofizowane

100% Natural, aromatic,
ready to eat

zioła liofizowane

Taste of fresh herbs
every day

zioła liofizowane

Preserved vitamins
and minerals

Freeze-dried herbs

Freeze-drying process enables enjoying the taste of herbs every day. Modern technologies preserve the colour and intensive aroma of the herbs. This method is based on freezing and drying the product with lowered pressure. This process ensures preserving at least 98% vitamins and minerals.

During processing, durable freeze-dried herbs are instantly processed into fresh ones, since they absorb the moisture back, so that they can preserve their original character, pure colour and flavour. Our clients receive product of the highest quality, taken care of from its very beginning.

Our offer includes:

  • basil

  • parsley

  • mint

  • dill

  • chives

  • thyme

  • wild garlic

ikona liofizowane

Long shelf life

Freeze-dried herbs can be stored at room temperature for a long time. Water is removed during freeze-drying process, which stops microbial growth.

ikona liofizowane

Natural, healthy and nutritious

We always select the highest quality herbs, grown without using pesticides. During freeze-drying process, the liquid phase is omitted, so no preservatives are necessary.

ikona liofizowane

Pure flavours and aroma

Perfect taste and smell of freeze-dried products enables enjoying true summer flavours of fresh herbs all year round. Herbs preserve their excellent flavour and all nutrients.

ikona liofizowane

Practical and easy to use

Freeze-dried products are lightweight due to water loss and they don’t take a lot of space. Moreover, they are a perfect solution for people who cannot rely on thermal processing in their industry.